Scholarship of Teaching


Facilitator's Reports

Atlantic Association of Universities
Institutional Award Winners Retreat
Faciliator's Reports

Peer Reviewed
Articles and Papers

Student Self-Assessment

Student Empowerment and Self-Assessment

Communicative and Poetic Language

The Oaxaca Project

Texts and (Con)texts: the Socio-Cultural Spaces of Quevedo's ‘Miré los muros de la patria mía'.

Teaching E. M. Forster's A Room With A View
An Introduction to Humanities 101

Teaching Don Quixote on WebCT

Chit-chat and Charivaria

An Educational 9-11

Annual Students Conference at St. Thomas University
A Proposal

4th AAU Teaching Showcase at St. Thomas University

Some Adventures into Translation


The Old Man and the C

AAU Distinguished Teacher Award Workshop
St. Thomas University, 6 April 1999

“September Renaissance:
The Annual Adventure of (Re)Creating the Individual.”

Reflections on the Thinking Process
in Metaphor and Logic

Quatre phares sur la route acadienne

Editorial Boards:
The hidden face of academia

Don Quixote: A Student's View
The Fever Has Broken

From Classroom to Conference to Published Paper:
Octavio Paz, Salamandra, the I Ching.
and the Links between Research and Teaching.

Alternative Metaphors for Life as a Journey

Reflections on the Re-created Self

What is the role of the teacher within the 21st century classroom?

Excellence in Teaching
Reflections on the 3M Selection Process

Information Technology:
The Great Debate

Don Quixote and Chaos Theory

(Re)Creating Creativity:
Orality and Literacy in El Poema de Mio Cid



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