Bottle House 3 Gardens


BH3 Gardens

There is something about these gardens with the magic play of sun and shade.

A wooden bench built for two beneath the trees, complete with its floral bouquet:  tea for two, dear, and two for tea?

The garden is the secret place, an enclosed space, a holy of holies ... and beyond it lies life’s wilderness of field and threatening sky.

Bottled sunshine, perhaps, preserved for better days? Or is it just the sun’s rays glinting through tinted glass, bright leaves on the blue bottle tree?

When the rain comes, we enter the houses, one at a time.

Are they really, really built out of bottles?

Indeed they are! And another world is contained within them, protected now from the slings and arrows of rain and snow.

When the sun returns, we return to the flowers.

Water makes the world go round and close to the waters, the flowers gather and grow.

While on the beaten path, life moves at a snail’s pace: certain and slow.

But now the sun is out, our time is up, and our brollies can come down,

for it’s time to hit the road and go!