Call Times

Crew and Cast


Friday, June 13th

All crew and all of Friday's Cast are to meet at the New Brunswick Filmmakers Co-op office, 51 York Street, Fredericton at 5:45p.m.. Crew will load up and the entire entourage of Crew and Cast will leave the Co-op at 6:00p.m. to go to Forest Hill Cemetery.

If people need rides from the Co-op, there will be enough vehicles with room. If you are going to be later than 6:00, we will leave one person at the Co-op for a while for latecomers to liaise with. If you are late or lost and need to find your own way to the Cemetery, here are directions from the Co-op office (York & Queen):

Take King Street or Brunswick Street east until they turn into Waterloo Row. Stay on Waterloo Row until you get to the Esso station (on your right). Stay to the right, which will take you through the intersection to a T at a stop sign. Turn left onto Beaverbrook. Go straight on Beaverbrook until you just pass by the ramps for the Princess Margaret Bridge at which point it is called Forest Hill Road. Immediately to your right is a road (unpaved, I think) that looks like you might be turning into a farm or similar - there is a barn-like building visible from Forest Hill Road. It is the roadway into Forest Hill Cemetery. Drive up, park and check in with Pierre Huard (1st AD), Brian Carty, or me (Roberta).

McAdam's Funeral Home will be driving a white Hearse to the Cemetery for use in the scene/shots. So don't be alarmed when you see it, we're not interrupting a real funeral.

Wardrobe for Cast:

Principal Cast please wear the attire that has been planned for you with Judy and Roger. All others; minor Cast and Extras, please dress appropriately for attending a funeral. Please avoid wearing large amounts of red.

Comfortable clothes and comfortable shoes; be kind to yourselves.


Principal Cast, there will be someone on location to touch up hair and makeup.

In the event of rain:

We still shoot a film anyway, rain or shine. Therefore, would everyone try to bring an umbrella and a coat of some kind just in case.

We are planning to have a shelter (screen tent) erected down beside the Administration/storage building. This will serve as a place for Hair/Make-up, shelter from the rain (in case) for people and equipment - it could be tight quarters but we're New Brunswickers, we're tough, we're filmmakers :)

If you wish to bring a lawn chair with you for those moments between shots, feel free. They will absolutely need to stay down by the shelter please.


The Board of Directors of Forest Hill Cemetery Co. have been extraordinarily kind in allowing us to use this as a location. It is a Cemetery - very, very old (and famous) in some parts and new in others as it is still in use for internments. There may be family or friends of deceased whom may be coming to visit at grave sites, as people often do. There will have been two funerals earlier in the day on Friday. Therefore, it is imperative that we all treat the situation and place with utmost respect. Likewise when we move the shoot to McAdam's Funeral Home. They too have made an exception to their policy in letting us use it as a location. Let's leave a good impression with everyone.

After the Cemetery scene is completed, the entire Crew and the following Cast members will proceed to McAdam's Funeral Home on York Street (at Brunswick St.)--- Allan MacDougall, Michael Mallaley, Wilf Ludlam. We may ask a few Extras to also proceed to the Funeral Home, if they are available, but we will field that on Friday at the end of the Cemetery shoot.


I think that is everything for Friday evening shooting. Those of you who are involved on Saturday will receive another email that is specific to Saturday.

Thanks everyone. See you on Friday!!! Note: Roger is uploading all this information to the web site so that it will be available there as well. There are some names missing from this Friday list only because I don't have email for them and will contact them by phone.

Roberta Nixon
Production Manager
"The Birthday Suit"

Saturday, 14 June 2003

Crew Call and Cast Call times (two different locations, different people as below):

Saturday morning for the scene that take place in a "university classroom": Crew at 9:00 a.m. at the Co-op office (51 York Street).

Cast at 10:00 a.m. at George Street Middle School (corner of George Street and Regent Street)

Cast for this includes; Allan MacDougall, Ann Lockhart, Trudi Price, Claudio Vinci and all Extras playing "students".

Parking will be a challenge--it is Saturday morning and the Farmers' Market is running. Your best bet for parking may be one of the parking garages on Brunswick Street (Kings Place or the one between Carleton and Regent St.)

If transportation is a problem for you, let me know and I'll do what I can. Alternatively, check your Crew and Cast list against the names on this email and see if you can catch a ride with someone.

Wardrobe for Cast for George Street School scene:

Allan will be wearing The Suit. Everyone else, please dress as you would if you were sitting in a classroom. HOWEVER, it is imperative that you DO NOT wear any shirts/tops that have brand names/logos on them. If you forget and arrive in something with brand name or logo, we will need to provide you with something else to wear. Also, no hats please.

As some of you already know, comfortable clothes and comfortable shoes; be kind to yourselves.


The school administration is trusting us to leave the school as we find it. I have assured them that we will clean up after ourselves. Please be aware; there will probably be school staff working in the school while we are there. Also, please stay in the area of the school which we are permitted to be in.

Saturday Afternoon - Street scenes

Crew Call and Cast Call time: 4:00 p.m.

Meet at the Co-op, as before. From there we will walk over to King and York where we will be shooting the street scenes.

Cast required: All Principal Cast members

Wardrobe: as determined already with Judy Lanteigne.


Principal Cast, there will be someone on location to touch up hair and makeup.

After the street scenes/shots are completed we will move inside to Robert Simmonds (after they close) for Saturday evening and then again on Sunday.

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