Rhodri Davies played by Allan MacDougall

35-45, unmarried; still being run by his mother; goes shopping with her for a suit on his birthday.

Gareth Morgan, the tailor, played by George Fry

60-65, the local village tailor; a gossip, and an old friend of Mrs. Davies.

Mrs. Davies, Rhodri's mother, played by Marilyn Simms

60-65, still in charge of her son, Rhodri, still choosing his clothes, especially on his birthday.
She likes Rhodri to push her wheel chair, though she doesn't need one.

Meg, the tailor's daughter, played by Valerie Britt

30-35, unmarried; assists her father in the tailor’s shop and has, with his mother’s approval, an eye on Rhodri.

Funeral Home Attendant, played by Michael Mallaley

No specific age: rebuffed when he offers to show Rhodri his mother’s remains.

Three Specific Students

1. Redheaded girl played by Ann Lockhart*
2. Ogling girl played by Jill Dolan
3. Male student played by Claudio Vinci

Supporting Cast:

Trent Baxter*
Laura Biggar
Andrew Brewer
Wayne Casey*
Molly Fry

Michel Guitard*
Erin Hancock
Greta Kierstead
Jocelyne LeGresley

Liette Legresley
Wilf Ludlam*
Frankie Maillet
Jean Maillet
Brandie Mallaley
Roger Moore*
Patricia Morrison*
Debby Porter
Mary Quinn
Eleanor Simms
Anthony Wallace
Justin Young
Tasha the dog

*Denotes NB Filmmakers Co-op member

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