The following model letter has been used in the History Department at St. Thomas University for contract professors looking for renewal. I am very grateful to Dr. Carey Watt, History, St. Thomas University, who has given me permission to reproduce this model letter in the current document. The model letter can easily be adapted to any department. Note that what follows consists of guidelines only. All applications for renewal should be prepared in a professional manner which is appropriate to the demands of the department concerned as well as to the terms of the current Collective Agreement and of the individual's initial contract. Meanwhile, in general terms, it is strongly recommended that each individual seeking renewal do the following:

Model Letter

Date: xx xxxx xx

To: Dept Head . . .

RE: Application for Renewal of Probationary Appointment

Dear Dr. (Dept. Head),

I am hereby making an application for the renewal of my probationary appointment as an . . . in the Department of . . . for a further two years effective . . . .

I believe that I have made significant and verifiable progress towards the criteria required for the awarding of tenure, and . . . . Detailed arguments and evidence are presented below according to the following five categories: (1) academic credentials (2) length of service (3) teaching (4) scholarly and research activity, and (5) service.

Academic credentials

I passed my PhD . . .

Evidence included below: copies of . . .

Length of Service

Since 1 July . . . :

Evidence included below:


Text, arguments and rationale here . . .

Evidence included below:
teaching portfolio
letter from teaching mentor . . .
seven copies of email exchanges with students (w/ student names and email addresses blocked out)
copies of (x) courses evaluation summaries for the [previous or current] academic year

Scholarly and Research Activity


Research award(s):

Academic presentations:

Ongoing research and writing:

Evidence included below:


Throughout the 2002-2003 academic year I enthusiastically engaged in service to the department, the university, and the wider professional and scholarly community, as outlined below.



Evidence included below:
email confirming .. .
email confirming . . .
copies of x email messages . . .
letter from . . .

I trust that my work and activities during the past x months as outlined in this letter (and my supporting materials) meet the expectations for renewal of my probationary appointment as x Professor. Please let me know if you require further information.

Yours sincerely,

Enclosure: curriculum vitae (immediately hereafter)

- Then (after your cv) you’ll include evidence as outlined in cover letter. Don’t bind it, as the committee will likely need to photocopy some materials.

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