3M National Teaching Fellow
Miembro colaborador
Institución Gran Duque de Alba

Professor Emeritus
St. Thomas University

Preamble: The Joy of Words:

I started writing full time on July 1, 2009. This has enabled me to release a great deal more energy into creative activities. These include critical and editorial work, translation, creative writing (poetry and prose), web page building, and photography.

Editorial Work:
This continues apace. Currently I am Editor of the bilingual STLHE Newsletter, of which I have been the Co-editor since July, 2010. Number 59 came out in June, 2012 in time for the STLHE Conference in Montreal and number 60. the post-conference edition, will appear this fall. I am also an Associate Editor with the STLHE Green Guides for Teaching and I have helped bring four of these guides from manuscript to publication. Other editorial work consists of sitting on the editorial boards of CJSoTL (the Canadian Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning), AULA (the education review of the University of Salamanca, Spain), and Calíope (the Journal for the Renaissance and Baroque Poetry Society of America). In addition, I have just been elevated to the consejo honorífico of La Perinola (the International Quevedo Review, University of Navarra, Pamplona, Spain).

In September 2011, I was invited to be the Honorary Translator (Spanish / English) for the Alcalde (City Mayor and Provincial Governor) of Avila in Spain. I have collaborated with Avila for several years now, and recent work has centered on the 450th Anniversary Celebrations of the Founding of the Convent of St. Joseph in Avila (24 August 1562), the first of the Foundations of St. Teresa. During this period I have translated a booklet on the Saint's Foundations from Spanish to English and I have helped with the bilingual webpage - - for the 450th Anniversary Celebrations. I also translated the official book of photographs 450 años de San José (available online). My next major translation projects will centre on the 500th anniversary of the birth of St. Teresa (1515-2015). On 27 October 2012, I was inducted into the Institución Gran Duque de Alba, the province of Avila's literary and cultural academy, as a miembro colaborador. I am one of the few non-Hispanics to receive this honor.

Creative Writing:
I have had some success with prose writing recently and The Key was selected as a finalist for the CBC Short Story competition (2010), while The Weavers won the WFNB Short Story Competition in the same year. In 2011, my first novel, People of the Mist, was runner up in the WFNB David Adams Richards Novel Prize and in an effort to improve it I enrolled in the Humber College Creative Writing School (January 2102). I graduated from that program in November 2012. Two other novels wait to be polished and I have learned to love this medium. Dewi Sant, a book of seasonal memories from Wales was published in conjunction with the New Brunswick Welsh Society (2010), a year after the publication of All About Angels (my ninth poetry chapbook). My ninth poetry collection, Monkey Temple, came out on 23 April 2012, a day my monkeys now share with William Shakespeare, the Inca Garcilaso de la Vega, Miguel de Cervantes, and St. George of England.

Workshop Facilitation:
On 20 June, 2012, in Montreal, I delivered one of the first 3M Master Classes on Teaching to the Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education. This workshop engaged the conference theme and was entitled: "Breaking Down Barriers and Extending Borders: The First Hour of a Creative Writing Workshop." I have offered several creative writing workshops over the last few years. I facilitated two workshops (journal writing and short stories), and hosted a Blue Pencil Café in Saint John (May 2012) at the high school writing celebration The Write Stuff. In June, 2012, I facilitated a short story seminar in Fredericton for the NB Film Coop. I am happy to say that the students who attended those events are still corresponding with me and I continue to critique their work online.

Web page building:
The Ongoing Online Quevedo Bibliography continues to operate and is now hosted at The purchase of an IMac led me to create an artistic web page at This page ran for over two years and received more than 7,000 hits. The page contained podcasts, a blog, poems, stories, photos, photo poems and video poems. The blend of image and voice was fascinating and the 12 video poems on view merged photos and words in a quite innovative fashion. Unfortunately was dismantled on June 30, 2012, and this creative webpage is currently looking for a new host.

All of these tasks have one thing in common: words and working with words. I take a delight in playing with words whether they be mine or another's. Language in all its forms still excites me and I am happy to work in English, Spanish, or French. The world right now is a wonderful place in which to live and I rejoice in the magic spun by the shuffling of words and the placing of them in a living time and space where they can be seen, sensed and enjoyed by those who also take a delight in language.

My Professional Career

Excellence in Teaching

My Excellence in Teaching has been recognized in many ways:

3M National Teaching Fellow (2000)
AAU Distinguished Teacher -- Atlantic Association of Universities Distinguished Teacher (1997)
Professor Emeritus: Induction (Research and Teaching) as St. Thomas University’s seventh Professor Emeritus (July 14, 2010) in their centennial year (1910-2010)
Shaper: Recognition as a shaper of the first century at St. Thomas University (1910-2010) in Connections (Winter, 2010), the STU Alumni magazine
Excellence in Teaching Award -- St. Thomas University (May 1996).

Editorial Activities Associated with Excellence in Teaching

Co-editor / Editor: STLHE Newsletter (2010-date)
Associate Editor: STLHE Green Guides for Teaching (2003-date)
Editorial Board of Aula, (Education Journal), University of Salamanca (2009-date)
Editorial Board of the Canadian Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, CJSoTL / RCACEA (2011)

Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (STLHE)

3M National Selection Committee: Committee Member -- 2007-2008-2009
STLHE Bilingual Committee (member) 2010-2011
Steering Committee (2009-2010) for the Annual General Meeting of the Society of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (University of New Brunswick, 17-20 June, 2009)
Chair French Language Committee: AGM of STLHE (UNB, 2009)
STLHE Board Member, elected New Brunswick representative (2003-2004)

Atlantic Association of Universities (AAU)

AAU Retreat Facilitator for the AAU Institutional Award Winners Retreat from 2000-2005 at the following locations St. Mary’s University, Mount Allison University, University of Prince Edward Island, University College of Cape Breton, Dalhousie University, and Nova Scotia Agricultural College (Truro, NS)
LOTUS: Atlantic Canada (1998); at the invitation of the Atlantic Association of Universities, I lectured on LOTUS (Learning Opportunities for Tomorrow’s University Students) at St. Mary’s University, Dalhousie University, Mount St. Vincent University, the University of New Brunswick, Saint John Campus, St. Thomas University joint with the University of New Brunswick (Fredericton).
Educational Developers’ Caucus of the Atlantic Association of Universities
Atlantic Association of Universities 4th Teaching Showcase at St. Thomas University, chair and organizer (1999)

St. Thomas University

Director of Teaching and Learning at St. Thomas University (2007-2008-2009)
Learning and Teaching Development Committee long term member and frequent chair
Teaching Perspectives Editor (2006-2009) and member of editorial committee (2000-2009)

Associated Learning and Teaching Development Activities

Master Teacher: Master Teacher seminars at the University of St. Thomas (Houston, Texas, 2007), Sam Houston State University (Huntsville, Texas, 2008), George Brown College (Toronto, 2008), and Escuela de Idiomas (UABJO, Oaxaca, Mexico, 1995)
Outside Assessor: Excellence in Teaching Award at the University of the West Indies (Cave Hill, Barbados, 2007)
The Oaxaca Exchange Program instructed faculty, staff, and students in English and Spanish in the UNB / STU / Oaxaca Exchange Program (1995-2001)
CIDA prepared 2 CIDA Grants ($750,000 and $1.3 million, Tier 2, 1996-1998) for developing teaching and learning in Oaxaca
Program Design helped design the renewed graduate teaching program in the Centro de Idiomas, UABJO, Oaxaca
Videos Six videos on learning and teaching(UABJO, 3M / STLHE, IATHE, UNB)
Judge -- University of New Brunswick’s Graduate Student Association’s Annual Conference on Graduate Student Research (Wu Conference Centre, 2000-2002)
The Avila Experience (2004-2009) teaching in Avila in 2006-2008
Effective Teaching Institute Chaired and organized various ETI’s at St. Thomas University

International Exchange Programs

I have worked hard to maintain exchange programs in Mexico, and Spain developing four international programs
over my teaching career.

Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo (Santander, Spain, 1973-1993)
Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra (Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic, 1994 (CIDA seed grant request for $5,000, 1994-1995)
Universidad Autónoma Benito Juárez de Oaxaca (Oaxaca, Mexico): this program ran from 1995-2001. I was lead writer (UNB, UABJO, STU) on two Tier 2 CIDA Grants ($750,000 and $1.3 million).
Universidad de Salamanca en Ávila (Avila, Spain): I organized this program (2004-2009) and taught in it from 2006-2008.

Creation and Innovation

Alfred G. Bailey Award for Poetry from the Writer’s Federation of New Brunswick for Still Lives (1989) and Alban Angels (1995)
David Adams Richards Award, WFNB -- Finalist (Decent People, short stories, 1995); Finalist / Runner up (People of the Mist, novel, 2011)
Finalist in CBC Short Story Competition (Dandelions, 1987 and The Key, 2010)
First Place WFNB Short Story Competition (The Weaver, 2010)

10 short stories and over 120 poems published in 26 Canadian literary magazines
9 books of poetry, Last Year in Paradise (1979), Broken Ghosts (1986), Sun and Moon (2000), Though Lovers Be Lost (2000), Fundy Lines (2002), At the Edge of Obsidian (2005), Obsidian 22 (2007), Land of Rocks and Saints (2008), Monkey Temple (2012)
9 poetry chapbooks Idlewood (1990), Secret Gardens (1991), In the Art Gallery (1991), Iberian Interludes (1992), Daffodils (1992), On Being Welsh in a Land Ruled by the English (1993), Granite Ship (2006), and M Press of Ire (2007), All About Angels (2009).
1 chapbook of seasonal stories about Wales (in conjunction with the Central New Brunswick Welsh Society) entitled Dewi Sant (2010)
1 collection of 20 Short Stories (working title Decent People: Double Lives) 10 of which have been published separately, 3 of which have won awards, and 7 other hitherto unpublished manuscripts
2 novels: People of the Mist (199 pages, 63,000 words) and Walking the Walk (342 pages, 101,000 words).
11 artistic videos, created in cooperation with the New Brunswick Film Coop: The Gentlemen’s Room (2002), Elevation (2002), Full Circle: For the Record (2002), Full Circle (2002), Street Music (2002), Hobson’s Choice (2003), La Cousine (2003), War Brides (2005), Trek (2006), Anthony Flower (2007), and Misdirection (2008)
1 NB short movie (writing, producing, directing, and editing) Birthday Suit (2004), which won second place in the Rogers Viewers’ Choice Silver Wave Film Festival (November 2004)

This creativity is an integral part of my teaching as is shown by

teaching of creativity and creative writing in the University of Salamanca in Avila
teaching of Creative Writing and Live Theatre within the TESL Programs at the Centro de Idiomas, Universidad Autónoma Benito Juárez de Oaxaca in Mexico
teacher training seminars (Spanish and English) at the Centro de Idiomas, UABJO
constant innovation within my own teaching: Spanish language, literature, and culture and related interdisciplinary fields
planning and teaching of interdisciplinary programs and courses: Writing, Humanities, An Introduction to University Studies, the interdisciplinary Aquinas Program
presentation of lectures across the curriculum on art, creative writing, and creativity in general
involvement in the creation of well-constructed learning communities
use of multimedia as a means to (re)focus teaching in the humanities
web-page construction both personal and in class
publication, since the award of the 3M National Teaching Fellowship in 2000, of a series of innovative, peer reviewed articles on creative teaching methods.

Academic Research

My main area of research is Golden Age Spanish literature, in particular, the works of Francisco de Quevedo. I have also published articles on Early Modern Spanish theatre (Mira de Amescua, Calderón, Lope de Vega), Cervantes, and the Spanish Picaresque novel. Other more recent areas of research include aspects of teaching and learning and, in particular, student involvement in the learning process.

2 books Towards A Chronology of Quevedo’s Poetry (1976) and Proceedings / Actes of the 4th AAU Teaching Showcase (2000)
2 Spanish Introductory Text-Books now used in New Brunswick in Grade 11 and Grade 12
[I was the consultant (2001-2006) for the New Brunswick Department of Education designing and writing these two texts]
1 Ongoing Online Quevedo Bibliography
70 peer reviewed articles on Spanish Golden Age Literature and other aspects of Spanish and Mexican Literature and teaching and editorials and learning
20 articles / reports / commentaries (by invitation)
70 book reviews in peer reviewed international journals (Britain, Canada, Spain, and the USA) mainly on current Golden Age Spanish research but also on SoTL
More than 500 workshops, readings, lectures, seminars and academic papers

My current research interests continue to centre on Spanish Golden Age Literature and I have four unpublished book length manuscripts awaiting completion: Alternative Approaches to Quevedo’s Buscón; Quevedo’s Poetic Creativity; Iterative Thematic Imagery in Golden Age Spanish Literature and An Annotated Edition of Quevedo’s Poems to Lisi

Other research interests have included Golden Age Spanish Theatre, Mexican Pre Columbian Códices, the relationship between Octavio Paz and Elizabeth Bishop, various aspects of Computer Assisted Language Learning, uses of multimedia in teaching the Humanities, and more recently SoTL -- the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. In 1988 I was awarded the Association of Canadian Hispanists Prize for the best article published by a Canadian Hispanist and in 1996 I was awarded a Special Merit Award by St. Thomas University in recognition of my continued commitment to research. My induction as Professor Emeritus at STU (July 14, 2010) cited both research and teaching.

Editorial Work

I have often referred to editorial work as the hidden face of academia. I am always surprised that although we expect faculty to publish, we offer very little recognition and encouragement to those who edit and run the reviews in which the publications actually take place. In fact, I’ll go further: those academics who perform the essential reading, assessing, organizing, and publishing are all too often belittled, as are bibliographers, and given little or no credit and recognition for their hard and sometimes distinguished work. My own editorial appointments include:

Editorial Board of the Canadian Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, CJSoTL / RCACEA (2011)
Co-editor STLHE Newsletter (2010)
Associate Editor, STLHE Green Guides for Teaching (2004-2010)
Editor of Teaching Perspectives (2006-2009)
Editorial Board AULA (University of Salamanca, Spain, 2009)
Editorial Board of La Perinola – Revista de Investigación Quevediana (University of Navarra, Pamplona, Spain, 2004-2009)
Editorial work with Teaching Perspectives (at STU, 2000-2009)
Editorial Board Nashwaak Review
Editorial Board Ellipse
Editorial Board of Calíope – Society of Renaissance and Baroque Hispanic Poetry
Assessor for the Canada Council / SSHRCC (Committee 2: Modern Languages Doctoral and Post-Doctoral Fellowships, 1989-1992
Editor (2 years) of the St. Thomas University calendar
Editor (5 years) of the Boletín de la Asociación Canadiense de Hispanistas
Book Review Editor (5 years -- Spanish) of the Canadian Modern Language Review
Assistant Editor (3 years) of the International Fiction Review
Editorial Assistant (2 years) of the International Fiction Review
Assessor for the National Endowment of the Humanities (USA)
Peer Review Assessment of articles for the Revista Canadiense de Estudios Hispánicos, the Bulletin of Hispanic Studies, Renaissance and Reformation, the Modern Language Review, Calíope, the Canadian Modern Language Review, the Canadian Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, and other journals

National and Provincial Executives:

I have worked at various times on the Executive of several national, regional and provincial associations

Atlantic Provinces Representative for the Association of Canadian Hispanists; note that I was nominated for the presidency of the national association in 1985
Atlantic Provinces Representative for the Canadian Society for Renaissance Studies
Atlantic Provinces Representative for the League of Canadian Poets
Atlantic Provinces Representative for the Society of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (STLHE)
Trustee, Canadian Association of University Teachers Defence Fund (2002-2007)
President of the New Brunswick Rugby Union (6 years)
National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) Level I and II ( Coach and Instructor, Rugby, [1976-1992])
Director / Vice-President of the Writers Federation of New Brunswick

In addition I have arranged workshops, organized panels, set up regional and provincial conferences and seminars, and assisted with readings and lecture series. I have also organized regular academic panels (see full cv) at the national level, workingamong other things as a member of the steering committee for the STLHE Conference at UNB (French Language Committee [chair] and 3M Committee [chair]) as well as for the STU Centenary Conference Committee (STU, 2010).

Outside Academia:

I have been a National Coaching Certification Program Coach and Instructor (levels 1 & 2, Rugby) for 16 years (1976-1992). I coached the Province of New Brunswick representative side at Senior and Junior Level in the national championships and twice coached the New Brunswick Rugby Union Jeux du Canada Games Team -- 1981 [Thunder Bay, Ontario] and 1985 [Saint John, New Brunswick]. I also coached the Atlantic Provinces Youth Team that played against Welsh Youth in Halifax in 1986 and I have coached 2 different clubs to 4 Maritime and a number of New Brunswick Championships.

The Past:

What I have offered Canadian universities, over the 44 years I have taught in Canada, is a non-traditional package of enthusiasm, organizational skills, academic integrity, honesty, and diversity, hard-work, creativity, innovation, dedication, intelligence, and commitment. I have offered to all my students, glimpses of what the future may hold in terms of the latest developments in technology and teaching and learning with technology, as exemplified by my 1998 Atlantic Association of Universities’ tour of the Atlantic Universities entitled LOTUS (Learning Opportunities for Tomorrow’s University Students).

I have always believed strongly in excellence and innovation in creativity, research and teaching, and I have worked hard and long in order to excel in my chosen and specialized fields. I have devoted a great deal of time to international development and have encouraged students and other faculty to participate in all of the international programs in which I have been involved.

I also believe strongly in the integrity and ability of students and I have worked to make things as challenging and as interesting as possible for the next generation. Creativity and innovation have always been central to the academic life in which I have been involved and I have helped students create and design web pages in several of my courses.

What the Future Holds for me

I am currently building two data bases at the Electronic Text Centre in the Harriet Irving Library at the University of New Brunswick. I am also deeply committed to the Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education for whom I am the Co-Editor of the STLHE Newsletter (published 3 times a year), an Associate Editor of the STLHE Green Guides for Teaching, and a Board Member of CJSoTL, the Canadian Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. In addition I am working (editorial board or advisory committee) with AULA (Salamanca), La Perinola (Pamplona), Calíope (Texas), ellipse (Fredericton, NB) and the Nashwaak Review (Fredericton, NB)>

Information Technology and Web Page Construction
I completed a Certificate in Multi-Media (University of New Brunswick, 1999)
a certificate in teaching with IATHE (2007)
a certificate in Creative Writing at Humber Colleg (2012)
I now run two web pages:

My creative work continues. I have written two novels, People of the Mist and Walking the Walk and I am working on two more. I have a collection of 20 short stories which I am hoping to publish along with two volumes of poetry, a Selected Poems and Monkey Temple. I am also engaged in creating digital photos, photo poems, video poems, and podcasts, all of which are available on my webpages.

Selected articles on innovative practices in teaching and learning

“Student involvement in course design and self-assessment.” Perspectives on Pedagogy and Practice, 2, September, 2011: 127-32.
“In the Beginning was the Picture, and the picture was in the text ...” Presenting Picasso’s Guernica in Various Multi-Media Settings.” Kwantlen Review: Transformative Dialogues. 2010. Available online [PR]

“Think Before You Ink: Two essay based courses which develop the ART of writing (Analysis, Research, Thought).” Compendium 2. Dalhousie University. 2010. Available online. [PR]

“Chaos Theory and the Teaching of Don Quixote.” Kwantlen Review: Transformative Dialogues. 2009. Available online. [PR] 

"Poetic creativity: word games and playing with words” in Didactic Approaches for Teachers of English in an International Context. Eds. Sonsoles Sánchez-Reyes Peñamaría y Ramiro Durán Martínez. Ediciones Universidad de Salamanca, 2008.: 125-137. [PR]

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